Waste Tire Wire Baling Press Machine

Mar - 25
steel wire pressing machine

Waste Tire Wire Baling Press Machine

Waste Tire Wire Baling Press

waste tyre wire baling machine
MODEL NO. SH-783 SH-784
Chamber Size 20”X21”X52” 22″x23″x54″
Pressed Bale Size 10”X10” 10″x10″
Pressed Bale Weight (Kg)(in ms turning) 20-35 35-45
Electric Motor (HP) 30 30
Pressing Scrap Time (second) 45-50 50-55
Oil Tank Capacity (Ltr) 700 800
price ex workshop9.50 lacs10.25 lacs

Squander tyre WIRE SCRAP BALER

There is such a large number of plant turning out today which are utilized to consume the piece tire and
convert it into three kinds of material

  • oil
  • dark carbon
  • wire

This three item sold in market by the client of tire consuming plant
NO NEED OF ROPE TO TIE A BALE 100% IN TRIPLE ACTION MODEL(why to squander million of wire rope
to tie a bunch)

resently oil and dark carbon sold in market rest item which is tire wire is created in an enormous shop of
16 foot length and 3 foot stature
presently the answer for this finished result, work cut that piece into pieces with the assistance of gas
shaper in the measure of 18″x 20″ (LBH)
presently this piece put in the waste tire wire baler machine and that machine press this piece into a
bundle size of 12″x 12″ which is the final result

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