Utensils Hydraulic Baler Machine

Mar - 24
hydraulic baler

Utensils Hydraulic Baler Machine

semi-automatic model

Utensils Hydraulic Baler press Machine

Specification UBM-41 UBM-42 UBM-43 UBM-44
Container Box Size (inch) 20″x 19″x 53″ 21″x 21″x 54″ 22″x 23″x 55″ 23″x 24″x 56″
Pressed Bale Size (inch) 10″ x 19″ 11″ x 20″ 12″ x 23″ 13″ x 24″
Pressed Bale Weight (Kg)approx. 15-25(in ms scrap) 20-40(in ms scrap) 35-60(in ms scrap) 45-70(in ms scrap)
MACHINE PRICE5,15,000/-6,12,000/-7,12,000/-7,85,000/-

This machine is additionally utilized by the maker of utensils, in our day by day life we utilized

Utensils for eating and drinking.but after at some point our utensils look like rusty, old and
unshine. so this the opportunity for scrap merchant to purchase this piece from home to home
and collect it to in place after that utensils take a parcel of the room so we are giving the answer for

machine can press distinctive utensils like – spoon,pan,plates,bowls,pressure cooker,fork,knife

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