TMT BAR Bale Pressing Machine

Mar - 24
tmt bar scrap baler

TMT BAR Bale Pressing Machine

TMT BAR Bale Machine

TMT pressing machine

TMT Iron Rod, Bar baler Triple Action pressing machine baler press water driven t m ski lift baler press machine-

Scrap Containing Box Size (hxwxl) 17’’X19’’X45’’ 18’’x20’’x46’’ 19″x21″x47″ 20’’X22’’X48’’
Pressed Bale Size 9’’X19’’ 10’’x20’’ 11″x22″ 12’’X22’’
Pressed bale weight (kg) Depends on pressing matrial,weights,quantity,nature,density etc. 15 20  25 30
PRICE OF MACHINE4,35,000/-4,76,000/-5,25,000/-5,72,000/-

For the purchase of whose piece delivered from development building or accumulation of tmt left
from old home annihilation to recently home make construction, some tmt left, so to squeeze
this tmt up to 5 mm-8 mm tmt baler press machine is manufactured

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