Plastic Pet Bottle Baling Press Machine

Mar - 24
pet bottle baling press

Plastic Pet Bottle Baling Press Machine

Plastic Pet Bottle Baling Press Machine

plastic bottle baling press

We are maker and exporter of plastic jug baling machine with minimal effort cost

We are worked for making parcel of 100 kg to 600 kg furnished with the 1-3 chamber, the vertical machine is
accessible in various variation viz. manual, self-loader, completely programmed plastic container scrap
baler water driven baling machine.suitable for squeezing pet, bottles, plastic and so on.

pet baling machine capacity 15 tons

pet bottle baling machine
description                                      VBM-197
Chamber size                                23’’x16’’x35’’
Bale size                               23’’x16’’x18’’
Bale weight(kgs)                                       20-50
cylinder                                          1
Motor(hp)                                       7.5
Oil tank(ltr)                                     200 ltr
Delivery time                                    1 week
warrantee                                     1 year
PriceCIF UPTO UK PORT                                   5645$

pet baling press tonnage 50 tons –

pet baling press
description SH-100
Chamber size(lxwxh) 27’’x27’’x35’’
Bale size(lxwxh) 27’’x27’’x18’’
Bale weight(kgs) 50-100
Bale making time 10-12min
cylinder 2(ONE ON TOP AND 1 IN BACK)
Motor(hp) 10
Oil tank(ltr) 450
Delivery time 1 week
warrantee 1 year
Price(valid for 10 days) 2,90,000/-

Plastic container baling machine-Efficient for creating bunches of medium weight extending from 75 Kg
to 155 Kg.

vertical pet compression,60-ton load

hydraulic pet bottle pressing machine
single pressing
90-150 KGS(PET BOTTLE,film) 90-150 KGS(paper,carton,gatta)
2-3 week
1 year

Machine is accessible in various sizes implied for fulfilling needs of all sort.

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