Hydraulic Triple Action Mini Jumbo

triple baler compactor

Triple Action mini jumbo machine for pressing metal/carton/waste paper/carton/aluminium

Triple Action Mini Jumbo(scrap press from three sides with the assistance of three chamber) is a medium class machine outfitted with just three barrels and is immaculate and effective for creating bundles of medium weight running from 25 Kg to 75 Kg. With a normal baling time of just 60-70 seconds it is quickest in its fragment and no need of rope to tie a bunch in paper section. We have 4 designs accessible in various sizes implied for fulfilling needs of all sort.

No need of rope to tie a parcel in triple activity machine for container/paper/ridged boxes.

Container Box Size (inch)20″x 20″x 50″22″x 22″x 55″25″x 24″x 57″25″x30″x60″
Pressed Bale Size (inch)8″ x 8″12″ x 12″14″ x 14″16″ x 16″
Pressed Bale Weight (Kg)approx.20-25(in mild steel )10-20(in carton,corrugated)10-20(in aluminium)10-25-35(in mild steel ,teen scrap)15-25(in cardboard)15-25(in aluminium)35-50(in mild steel scrap)25-35(in cardboard )15-30(in aluminium)45-80(in mild scrap)30-50(in carton )20-35(in aluminium)
Electric Motor (HP)25253030
Pressing Scrap Time (second)45-5050-5555-6060-80
Production/Shift (tons)8-1010-1212-1414-16
Oil Tank Capacity (Liter)7007008001000
PRICE OF MACHINE10,96,000/-11,65,000/-12,50,000/-13,25,000/-

PRICE RANGE FROM 8.5 LAC TO 15 LAC(price are subjected to change per week)

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