Cardboard Carton Baling Press Machine

Mar - 24
carton baling machine

Cardboard Carton Baling Press Machine

Cardboard Carton Baling Press Machine

carton press machine

layered cardboard boxes baler machine

pressure driven boxes baling press machine set all over in mp.
squander paper press machine
pressure driven cardboard ridged box baler machine-
water driven cardboard ridged box baler machine reusing gear to conservative/baled/pressure the
cardboard folded boxes via cardboard layered box baler machine

Bundle creation every day 4 tons,single tie required
3 man required to work

hydraulic carton baling press machine in double compression

carton baling press
holder Box Size (inch)24″x 24″x 55″25″x 25″x 56″26″x 26″x 57″28″x 28″x 58″
Pressed Bale Size (inch)13″ x 24″14″ x 25″15″ x 26″16″ x 28″
Pressed Bale Weight (Kg)approx20-2526-3230-3235-40
Motor (HP)25253030
PRICE 7,00,000/-7,75,000/-8,50,000/-9,00,000/-

Pressure-driven cardboard folded box baler machine basically characterize to limit the remaining task at hand of a bundling industry, who include in making container boxes for an organization enormous scale to little scale, during making a cardboard box some cases which don’t make fit as a fiddle or there is

botch in imprinting on a box then that sort of boxes get dismissed by the seller or get dismissed by the its important to reuse it again, then cardboard ridged box baler machine is fill in as a cardboard creased box reusing hardware to reduced/baled/pressure the cardboard layered boxes
water powered cardboard creased box baler machine, Baling Pressing Machine are Suitable/For Pressing-

carton baling machine in a strapless mode

carton pressing machine
holder Box Size (inch)25″x 25″x 56″26″x 26″x 57″27″x 27″x 58″29″x 29″x 59″
Pressed Bale Size (inch)14″ x 14″15″ x 15″16″ x 16″17″ x 17″
Pressed Bale Weight (Kg)approx23-2727-3335-4139-47
Motor (HP)25253040
COST APPROX.10,35,000/-10,95,000/-11,25,000/-11,95,000/-

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